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Growling Old Men: Chicken Feed & Baling Twine

The Growling Old Men's latest and greatest. We recoded this during two different weekend sessions in the winter of 2012-13 at the venerable Henhouse studio. A mixture of new, old and obscure material; including two each from Lowell and Winship's respective songbooks, one lively instrumental and a handful of songs that we've been performing over the past few years but hadn't recorded. 

Our good friend and fishing buddy, David Thompson, also played bass on most of the tracks and added a bit of harmony. (Plus he orhestrated the CD design). We are really excited about this one.

Lazy John / Waterbound / How Many Days / My Name's Mudd / Elzik's Farewell / Billy Gray / Doubletree / Wabash Blues / Summerfly / Toolshed / Wild Jack

Growling Old Men: Shuttle Diplomacy

A new transatlantic offering from the Growling Old Men (John Lowell & Ben Winship) with the addition of Leon Hunt (banjo) and Dom Harrison (bass) - both from the seminal English band Daily Planet.

"John and Ben's gentle, laid back approach to Bluegrass and Old-Time music combined with Leon and Dom's smooth arrangements of Irish and American tunes is a match made in heaven!"
– John Wirtz, Sore Fingers Summer Schools.

Crooked Jack / Old Plank Road
 / Rye Whiskey
 / Off to California - Cherokee Shuffle
 / Raleigh & Spencer
 / Doreen
 / Bodum
 / Gonna Quit Drinkin'
 / Georgia Buck
 / Down in the Willow Garden
 / Somewhere Down the Road

Occ HazOut of print - sorry

Growling Old Men: Occupational Hazards

"John and Ben's first Growling Old Men project is one of my all-time favorite recordings. I've listened to it dozens of times over the years and it always gives me a good feeling because my favorite kind of music is made by old friends on the back porch. Listening to Ben and John pick and sing together captures that feeling better than any other recording I've ever experienced. I was very excited when I heard that they were recording another project and I'll have to say that when I heard it, it exceeded all of my high expectations. These masters of the guitar, mandolin, and harmony vocals have continued to hone their craft over the years that have passed since the first recording. Their vocals are tighter and they speak to each other through their instruments with a smoothness, fluidity, and familiarity that magically occurs when musicians come to know each other so well they can read each other's mind."
-Dan Miller, Flatpicking Guitar Magazine

Rake and Rambling Blade / Weary Day / Old Black Coat / Road Agent's Lament / Georgia Buck / Callin' Like the Wild Things Do
Billy Taylor / Blackberry Rag / Peg & Awl / East Virginia Blues / Crooked Jack - Tarbolton Reel
Last Hill Before Home / Somewhere Down The Road / Hobo's Lullaby

Growling Old Men: John Lowell & Ben Winship

Traditional and original bluegrass songs, ballads and tunes performed in the "brother duet" tradition on mandolin/guitar. John Lowell is a veteran of the   Montana bluegrass scene; formerly a member of Wheel Hoss and Loose Ties, he now plays with Kain's River. Growling Old Men is truly a joint effort, with the lead singing, songwriting and picking duties shared throughout. Influenced equally by the music of the Appalachian hills and the western plains, this offering  is at once simple and powerful. Matt Flinner added rhythm guitar on several cuts. 

  Lily Green / As Soon As You're Out Of My Life / As I Went Out One Morning
  Sarah Hogan / Roving Gambler / Further In The Hole  / Long Fork Of The Buckhorn
  Jack Haggerty / Growling Old Man, Grumbling Woman / Rye Whiskey
  Blue Ridge Mtn Blues / Goodnight Grampa

 GOM Songbook

The Official Songbook of the Growling Old Men

Features all the songs from the first two cds (Self titled and Occupational Hazards)
Plus Madison Brown from Fishing Music I
All songs written out with standard notation, chords and lyrics.
A must have for all die hard GOM fans